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Adopt A Baby Boy or Girl
Base time
3 years (first time)
3 years, 274 days (second time)
4 years, 251 days (third time)
5 years, 314 days (fourth time)
7 years, 119 days (fifth time)
3 years × 1.25n (calculation)
Yields a Trainee

Adopt A Baby Boy and Adopt A Baby Girl are research projects that find and initiate the adoption of an orphan attuned to the chalice by the regency of the ruler's choosing. The two are treated as separate projects, so they are affected separately by the time increase caused by repeating the project. Otherwise, they are largely identical except for the sex of the child.


Before completion[]

Heroes In Training: list of trainees
By employing the powers of the Chalice we can search for an attuned orphan child within the Nation. This child must be adopted by a Regent.
Research costs for this search increase with each attempt.

After completion[]

A heroic baby boy or girl, attuned to the Chalice, has been found!


Either research project will fail if there is no sitting regent at the time it completes.

With no Regents available to adopt the orphan, we have abandoned the search for a heroic child.