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Armors are protective equipment in Massive Chalice. They are class-specific and are equipped in the second slot.

Armors by class[]


These armors can be equipped by Alchemists, Brewtalists, and Boomstrikers:

Name Description
Alchemist Armor Standard issue Alchemist armor. Offers limited protection but plenty of room to carry exploding flasks.
Refined Alchemist Armor Improved Alchemist Armor.
Advanced Alchemist Armor Top of the line Alchemist Armor.
Unstable Carapace Armor Volatile armor made from Ruptures. Taking damage triggers an explosion that damages friend and foe alike!


These armors can be equipped by Caberjacks, Blastcappers, and Shadowjacks:

Name Description
Caberjack Armor Standard issue Caberjack armor.
Refined Caberjack Armor Improved Caberjack Armor.
Advanced Caberjack Armor The toughest Caberjack Armor known to mankind.
Boneshell Armor The Bulwarks' defensive capabilities are a perfect match for Caberjacks!


These armors can be equipped by Hunters, Trickshots, and Enforcers:

Name Description
Hunter Armor Standard issue Hunter armor.
Refined Hunter Armor Improved Hunter Armor.
Advanced Hunter Armor The best Hunter Armor we can fashion.
Veil Armor This armor, made from Lapse skin, allows Hunters to hide anywhere on the map.
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