Massive Chalice Wiki
Normal Hard Brutal
Hit Points 22
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Intelligence 2
Accuracy 75%
Evasion 0%
Armor 2
Speed 4
Sight 10
Intuition 0

Bulwark is a type of Cadence in Massive Chalice.


  • A long-range cannon-like attack inflicting moderate damage to all units in its path.
  • Special armor which activates after being hit, significantly reducing damage from incoming attacks for the rest of the turn.
  • Fortify -- give adjacent allies additional armor.


Bulwarks can be a meaningful threat due to the moderate damage of their ranged attack and the fact that their special armor can prevent the vanguard from killing one in a single round. It is therefore important to ensure the first attack against a Bulwark during a turn is a powerful one, as any damage will trigger the Bulwark's special armor. Any attack after that is not likely to inflict more than a point of damage. It is also likely that the vanguard will be unable to kill a Bulwark before it has an opportunity to attack, so take care to avoid lining heroes up and when possible, keep the health of heroes high enough to withstand an attack.

  • The Hunter's Follow Up ability does not trigger the Bulwark's armor until after the follow up shot, making it a great choice for an opening attack.
  • Knockback/Stun/Blinding effects are especially useful against Bulwarks; just make sure to stun them after your opening attack.
  • A Hunter/Enforcer with Shoot & Scoot is great for taking uncontested "pot shots".
  • The Level 6 Shadowjack ability Sneak Attack can often one-shot a Bulwark.
  • An Alchemist wielding a Relic can typically one-shot even a Brutal Advanced Bulwark.