Massive Chalice Wiki
Normal Hard Brutal
Hit Points 46
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Intelligence 4
Accuracy 65%
Evasion 4%
Armor 4
Speed 3
Sight 10
Intuition 1

Cradle is a type of Cadence in Massive Chalice.


  • A long-range explosive ballistic shot that inflicts heavy damage to all targets on or adjacent to the tile where it lands.
  • Spawning and launching a single Seed into battle from a long range.
  • Spawning three Seeds on adjacent tiles upon death.


Cradles are among the most dangerous of the Cadence because their explosive shot can often kill lower-level heroes outright, even when those heroes are at full health. It is very important to keep heroes spread out when fighting Cradles to prevent the explosive shot from being able to hit more than one hero at a time. If possible, keep lower-health heroes out of range completely unless it is possible to kill the Cradle during that turn. The Cradle's ability to spawn Seeds is actually less dangerous than the explosive shot, but it does mean a large number of Seeds will join the battle. This can be a problem when facing multiple Cradles as it is often prudent to kill some of the Seeds after killing a Cradle, even though this may risk receiving an additional explosive shot attack. One possible way to deal with this is to allow a higher-health hero to receive attacks from multiple Seeds, which gathers them up to be killed by an area of effect attack such as an Alchemist's flasks. With a large number of Seeds killed in a single action, this may leave the vanguard enough firepower during a turn to finish off another Cradle without the risk of being overwhelmed by a horde of Seeds.

  • Upon death, a Cradle will only spawn Seeds where it stands and in open adjacent tiles. Positioning your melee heroes along one side or at its corners can ensure clean placement of an AoE follow-up attack. A cornered/surrounded Cradle will generate only one Seed.
  • Cradles have the lowest Accuracy of all the Cadence. If you must present it with a target, show it the hero with the highest Evasion.
  • A good opener is to stun the Cradle with a knockback, which separates it from the nearby Seeds -- thus allowing your heroes to "pull" the Seeds away and later deal with the Cradle by itself.