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Field Trip is a random event where a teacher brings a class to the Capital for a field trip.

Outcome summary[edit | edit source]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Stay in Throne Room none 50% Why We Fight: Current research hastened by 25%.
50% Tedious Tedium: Current research slowed by 25%.
Send them to Barracks none 50% To the Wonder: All heroes in retinue become Patriotic.
50% Play Time: All heroes in retinue become Child-Averse.
Send them anywhere they like 20 years 50% An Inspiration: Corruption decreases in a random region.
50% Let Down: Corruption increases in a random region.

Start[edit | edit source]

Field Trip

A teacher would like to bring her class to the Capital so they can learn about how the Nation is governed! However, she didn't want to wait for a decision and now she and her students are standing before you with the most pleading eyes you've ever seen. What do you say?

  • "Of course! But please stay in the Throne Room."
  • "Try the Barracks! Our heroes are far more interesting hosts than I am."
  • "Go wherever you'd like! Whatever helps with your education."

This event requires that research is ongoing or it will not trigger.

Stay in Throne Room[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

Why We Fight

You give a few lectures on governing principles, but most of the day is simply spent exploring your "home." As you watch the little ones run around, you realize that it's remarkably comforting seeing children who don't have to worry about training for war and that there's a spirited, even mischievous, optimisim (sic) about them that infects everyone they run into. In fact, once the day's over, nobody seems more reinvigorated by the visit than the Chalice.

Our current research has been hastened by 25%.

Tedious Tedium

Everything was fine until the teacher asked for your thoughts on moral relativism. The boredom your words brought was so great that it caused several of the students to jam as many things into the cracks of the Chalice as they could just to feel alive again. Cleaning attempts last for hours afterward, but it's of little use. Whatever the kids jammed in there, time will be the only thing taking it out.

Our current research has been slowed by 25%.

Send them to Barracks[edit | edit source]

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

To the Wonder

A few kids stay to hear your thoughts on maintaining leadership while under duress, but the majority leave with the teacher to see the heroes. Cries of wonder and amazement erupt from the barracks drawing the rest of the kids away and leaving you alone to listen. A good hour later they all stream out in a chattering mass of excitement while the heroes watch on, beaming with pride.

All heroes in your retinue have gained the Patriotic personality.

Play Time

You knew something was wrong when the kids too bored to stay and listen to your talk on zoning laws came back from the barracks within five minutes. And you knew something was REALLY wrong when your heroes ran in two minutes later asking where their weapons went. They were eventually returned, after an entire wagon's worth of sugar pops was brought in, but it seems children are truly the most terrible enemy your heroes have encountered.

All heroes in your retinue have gained the Child-Averse personality.

Send them anywhere they like[edit | edit source]

A Day to Remember

The students spend all day exploring the nooks and crannies of the Capital (with a few kids even getting "lost" in the black archives for half an hour before someone caught them), and are so tired by the end that they actually pay attention to your talk on managing expectations. Then they have questions! When it's all over, they file out of the throne room and you hope that today was as enjoyable for them as it was for you.

This choice sets up a hidden event that will occur after twenty years, bringing with it one of the following outcomes.

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

An Inspiration

A story reaches you from region name about a young charity worker who has taken the region by storm. Apparently she was part of the class you allowed into the capital twenty years ago! Seeing your willingness to help others inspired her to go into public service and, just like you, she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

Corruption has decreased in region name.

This will happen in a random region with corruption. If this outcome was randomly selected but there are no corrupted regions when it triggers, nothing happens.

Let Down

A weighty book has arrived from region name with a note addressed to "Citizen." It reads: "Hello. 20 years ago I visited the Capital with my class and what I had hoped would be a joyful experience quickly turned into the opposite. Based on what I saw and heard, I just couldn't shake the suspicion that our war was already lost. This only got worse with time until, finally, I felt I had to do something about it. Enjoy." As you flip through the pages of "Our Lost Cause," you learn that copies of it have been sent throughout the region and you're hit with a distinct sense of dread.

Corruption has increased in region name.

This will occur in a random region. If this outcome was randomly selected but there are no regions not lost to corruption when it triggers, nothing happens.