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Heroes are Chalice-attuned citizens that have been brought into the ruler's service. They are key to the nation as, unlike normal humans, they can survive physical contact with the Cadence, giving them a fighting chance against the enemy. This attunement is passed on to the children of heroes, making their bloodlines essential to the nation's defense.

Hero qualities[]


There are three primary hero classes: Alchemist, Caberjack, and Hunter. Beginning heroes and those heroes not trained at keeps will be one of these three classes.

There are two hybrid classes for each primary class:

Traits, personalities, and statuses[]

Traits are qualities that heroes inherit from their parents genetically. Personalities are qualities that heroes gain through the influence of their parents and trainers. Statuses are qualities that usually come from the region where the hero was trained. All three can also be acquired through the outcomes of random events.


Hero stats are certain numerical values that affect a hero's performance at combat or other tasks. Most stats start with a base value that is usually dependent on class and level, but the base values depends only on level and some are simply the same for all heroes. These base values then receive modifiers from a hero's age, traits, personalities, statuses, and equipment to reflect the hero's actual stats.

The various base values of each stat are affected as follows:

Stat Base value determined
Strength Specific class and level
Armor Primary class and level
Dexterity Specific class and level
Evasion 1% per point of Dexterity for all heroes
Intelligence Specific class and level
HP Primary class and level
Accuracy Primary class and level
Speed Base of 4 for all heroes
Sight Base of 11 for all heroes
Intuition Level only, same for all classes

Note that "specific class" indicates that hybrid classes have different values from their primary class, meaning for example, Trickshots will have a different base value for that stat than Hunters. But as indicated above for some stats, the base values are the same for all types of a primary class.

Heroic service[]

Heroes can serve the nation in a variety of ways:

In the retinue[]

The heroes in the retinue are soldiers yet assigned to any other specific task and who are available to serve in the vanguard, the five-hero team that defends the nation's territory against Cadence attacks. Heroes in the retinue can be rotated into and out of the vanguard as desired just before any Cadence attack. They can also be assigned to other roles in the nation, but once this is done, it is permanent and the hero is no longer part of the retinue.

In the Regency[]

The Regency is the nation's nobility. Regents rule keeps alongside their partners and have the responsibility of continuing their bloodline by having children, who then become trainees who will join the retinue upon reaching the age of 15. Regents and partners also have a chance to pass on their traits to trainees and influence their personalities.

As a Sagewright[]

The Sagewrights are the nation's scholars. Serving at Sagewright Guilds, they aid the Chalice with the nation's current research project, decreasing the time it takes to finish these projects.

As a Standard[]

The Standards are the nation's combat trainers. Serving at Crucibles, they increase the XP received by trainees and influence all the nation's trainees with their personalities.