Massive Chalice Wiki

Items are equipment in Massive Chalice which are placed in a hero's bottom equipment slots. Some class abilities allow heroes to equip a second item.

List of items[]

Name Description Research
Age 'n Rage Draught Increases Damage and Accuracy, but ages the hero several years when consumed. Age 'n Rage Draught
Dodging Stockings Increases evasion by 20. Also wicks away moisture from your feet, keeping them nice and dry. Dodging Stockings
Experience Scarf Increases experience gain by 10%. Experience Scarf
Haste Hooch Increases Speed by 4 when consumed. Lasts for one turn, but regrets last a lifetime. Haste Hooch
Health Potion Heals characters in battle for 10 HP. Tastes pretty good. Health Vial
Perilous Core Creates a large explosion from the source point when detonated. Extremely hazardous! Perilous Core (research)
Skipping Stone Allows the wearer to switch places with another character on the battlefield. Skipping Stone
Sponge Stone Reduces maximum health by 30% but heals the wearer on weapon hits. Sponge Stone
Steady Hander Increases Accuracy by 15 % by keeping your elbow in. Steady Hander
Ultralixir Heals characters in battle for 25 HP. Tastes pretty good. Ultralixir
Wünderpants Protects the wearer from all aging and memory loss attacks. Wünderpants
Vitaliband Increases Maximum Health by 20%. Vitaliband
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