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Keeps are a region improvement in Massive Chalice.


Keeps are the beating hearts of the nation, allowing bloodlines to continue thanks to the regent and their partner. As long as the keep stands and the pair remains in charge, they will produce children who become heroes, passing on their experience, personality, and gear. A same-sex couple will never produce biological children, but they can adopt them to perpetuate the bloodline.

Keeps can be attacked by Cadence forces, resulting in a special defense scenario where both the regent and the partner appear on the battle map. It's wise not to let them fight, however, and shove them into the darkest reaches of the map as if they breathe their last, they're gone permanently.


  • Play for keeps and build keeps. The more heroes you have, the larger the margin of error and the pool from which to recruit your retinue.
  • When appointing regents, mind the relics they carry. You want them in combat, gaining experience, rather than languishing on the mantlepiece.
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