Massive Chalice Wiki

Massive Chalice is a strategy game that relies heavily on randomization and can have a potentially very steep learning curve. Here's how to make each start less painful.

Quick rules for a quick start[]

  • The five heroes you begin with, the starting capital, so to speak, are randomly generated. This can be equivalent to a knee-cap or a stepping stone. There's no shame in beginning again and re-rolling heroes until you gain a fairly powerful party. Typically, having at least two Hunters gives you a good starting pool of heroes to grow from, especially if one of them is level 2.
  • Maintain at least four Keeps for a minimal production level. Anything below and you will fall behind - and lose.
  • Try and maintain all three classes in your keeps. You will need them all to survive.
  • Remember to research new heroes before you make keeps for a greater selection of heroes ready to fight.
  • In general, the larger a bloodline, the better. Young, fertile couples are the best choice for a regent and partner.
  • When appointing rulers, remember that personality can be rectified in the Crucible and a good trainer. As such, prioritize levels above all else.
  • Save often, especially when learning the ropes. Experiment. Learn. Adapt. And maybe, just maybe, you will make it to the 300 year mark.