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Random events are occurrences that happen at random intervals throughout a game playthrough. The events are presented through text narratives and involve the ruler making one or more choices from a lists of presented options, which then lead to a randomly determined outcome.

List of random events[]


The game secretly schedules one random event at a time to occur as follows:

  • The minimum time between events is six years plus one day for every 20 years in the current playthrough.
  • The maximum time between events is 20 years plus one day for every 20 years in the current playthrough.
  • The event is then scheduled for a random number of days between the minimum and maximum time.


Many events have requirements that must be met before they can trigger, such as requiring that a certain number of years in the playthrough or heroes that do not have specific traits, personalities, or statuses. When the scheduled day for a random event hits, any event that does have its requirements met that has not already occurred in that playthrough has an equal chance of occurring.


Random events are simple menu-driven narratives presented through text dialogs. Many select one or more heroes, usually from the retinue, that will be involved in the event story. While many events will be wrapped up during the same day they occur, there are usually options that require a certain number of years to perform, and this can usually be seen in the upcoming events. In some cases, though, they do not always take up the advertised amount of time. Very often, choices that require time to complete also leave at least one hero unavailable for the duration.

There are multiple possible outcomes for nearly every choice; the one that occurs is typically chosen completely randomly. In most cases, barring circumstances that prevent a specific outcome, all possible outcomes of a given choice are equally likely.

Note that when an option takes time to complete, for most choices of most events, the outcome is already chosen at the time the choice was made, even though it hasn't been revealed yet. This means that saving and reloading a game in the middle of an ongoing event will not change the outcome in nearly all cases.

Risks and rewards[]

While not true for all possible choices, most options have at least one positive and one negative outcome, so nearly all choices made in random events are gambles. But beware that some choices may not have a possible positive outcome. Many choices also lead to no changes at all.

The risks and rewards of random event choices include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Many personalities, traits, and statuses may be acquired by one or more heroes.
    • These include many unique personalities, traits, and statuses that can't be acquired in other ways.
  • XP gain or loss for one or more heroes.
  • New heroes, either as adults or as babies, may come into the ruler's service.
  • Heroes involved in the event may die, become permanently unavailable, or leave the ruler's service.
  • Ongoing research may be hastened or slowed.
  • Corruption may be increased or decreased in random regions.