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Regions are a part of a nation in Massive Chalice.


There are ten regions in total, which can hold one of three improvements: A Keep, a Crucible, or a Sagewright Guild. What makes the selection of an upgrade critical is the variety of random bonuses each region can carry. A region with high fertility will benefit from a Keep, for instance, guaranteeing a higher hero output. On the other hand, some regions with high bonuses may be more exposed to the Cadence and thus fall more easily.

Thankfully, the corruption count is local, rather than global. Each region has its own corruption count and a single one falling doesn't necessarily spell doom for all of the Nation.

Outer and inner regions[]

The outer regions of the nation are the ones which may have useful bonuses, but unless an outer region is lost to corruption, they are also the regions at risks of territory attacks by the Cadence. Inner regions do not get bonuses, but are safer.

List of regions[]

Though the nation has ten regions, each outer region is paired with an inner region, and both of the regions in that pair share the same name.

These pairs are located as follows:

Name Location from Capital
The Pale Sea Northwest
The Augurs Northeast
Ebott Marsh East
The Salt Stacks South
The Cinterlands Southwest


  • Consider your long-term strategy when placing region improvements, however, keep in mind that Keeps are the backbone of your realm. A single Crucible and Sagewright Guild is enough when it's constructed after the first four or five Keeps are built.
  • While the temptation to build up the inner ring of your regions is high, remember to keep one tile free. It's an insurance policy in case that super-Crucible in the outlying regions succumbs to the Cadence onslaught.
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