Massive Chalice Wiki

Research projects are various works that advance the nation, invent new gear for heroes, or even recruit new heroes. They are undertaken by the Chalice with the aid of the Intuition of Sagewrights from the Sagewright Guilds. Only one project can active at any one time.

Time required[]

The base time required to complete a research project is the time required for the Chalice to complete it without any assistance from Sagewrights, which each project having its own base time.

Effect of Intuition[]

Each point of Intuition that Sagewrights have is worth one percent of the research progress the Chalice itself provides. Therefore, if a nation has Sagewrights with a total of 50 points of initution, then the nation as a whole completes a day and a half of research each day, completing projects in two-thirds of the base time.

Base time increase for repeatable projects[]

Repeatable projects have a specific multiplier that applies to the base time, and an exponent equal to the number of times the project has been completed is applied to this multiplier first. In other words, after the first completion, the base time for the next time is multiplied by that multiplier, the base time for the third attempt is multiplied by that multiplier squared, and multiplied by that multiplier cubed for the fourth attempt, and so on. For example, if the base project time is 10 years and the repeat multiplier is 2, then the times for the first five attempts would be: 10 years, 20 years, 40 years, 80 years, and 160 years.

Unlocking projects[]

Some projects will not even be listed until:

  • Prerequisite projects are completed
  • A certain type of Cadence is first killed. In some cases, an specific advanced Cadence kill is required.

For projects that require a certain number of kills, additional kills will be required to actually start the project, but once visible, that number can be checked in the research menu. Note that while some projects do require at least one kill be of the advanced version of the specific Cadence, the normal and advanced version of a particular Cadence type both count toward the required number of kills in all other cases.

List of research projects[]