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Normal Hard Brutal
Hit Points 13
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Intelligence 1
Accuracy 80%
Evasion 4%
Armor 1
Speed 3
Sight 10
Intuition 0

Rupture is a type of Cadence in Massive Chalice.


  • An acidic suicide explosion that inflicts light damage immediately to all adjacent units and leaves behind a puddle of acid in the explosion radius that inflicts light damage to any unit standing in it at the end of a round.
  • A rarely-used melee attack that inflicts light damage. Typically used only against objects.


A Rupture will typically try to close with a hero, or preferably multiple heroes, and explode. This usually results in a couple points of immediate damage and a couple points of corrosion damage before the heroes' turn begins. As this is not a lot of damage, Ruptures, much like Seeds, are typically low threat except in numbers or to heroes with low health. Still, when Ruptures are close, it is best to keep heroes spread out, and it is better to kill them with ranged attacks when possible as they will explode on death. Alternatively, knockback attacks are also a good option, especially if they successfully stun the Rupture. Staying outside a Rupture's movement range is also a good tactic, as a Rupture will often move closer during a turn hoping to attack during the next turn, but generally just allowing it to be killed at a safe distance.

The explosion and the acid a Rupture leaves behind also damages Cadence, but the damage is the same as that inflicted on heroes, so while it may be worth it to kill a nearby Cadence that is near death, killing a Rupture near other Cadence is not usually very useful.

Other Cadence types, with the exception of Seeds, are greater threats unless there are a large of Ruptures in range, especially as Ruptures kill themselves during their attack. Having a hero or two endure a Rupture explosion, or more if they have the health to handle it, is worth it if it allows a more dangerous type of Cadence to be killed or a dangerous number of Seeds to be culled down instead.

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