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Sagewright or Sagewrong is a random event where a Sagewright asks for advice after inventing a Parabox.

Outcome summary[]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Activate the Parabox none 33.3% Purple Mist: Sagewright gains Purple Daze status.
33.3% Gateway of Doom: The Sagewright's guild is attacked by the Cadence.
33.3% Explosive Results: The Sagewright's guild and the Sagewrights assigned there are lost.
Destroy the Parabox none 33.3% Humble AND Healthy: Sagewright becomes Insightful.
33.3% Wordless Breakup: Current research is slowed by 50%.
33.3% Uhhh...: No change.
Put Parabox in Chalice 3 to 10 years 33.3% or 100% Mystery Box: All heroes in the retinue change sex and gain New Perspective status.
0% or 33.3% Single-Use Filter: Current research is hastened by 50%.
0% or 33.3% Smokey the Parabox: Current research is slowed by 50%.

When choosing to put the Parabox into the Chalice, the first outcome is guaranteed if there is no ongoing research at the end of the three to ten years. Otherwise, each outcome is equally likely.


Sagewright or Sagewrong

A Dart Falcon crashes into your lap bearing a message from Sagewright sagewright name! "As stipulated by the Guild, I've spent 20% of my time on my own projects and the results are finally ready. I'm calling it the Parabox. It's a gear-and-pulley monstrosity with a beautiful mahogany finish, but I'm not quite sure what it actually does. Please advise and don't forget to feed the falcon."

  • Order region name to activate the Parabox.
  • Order region name to destroy the Parabox.
  • Have the Parabox sent here and put into the Chalice

Activate the Parabox[]


There are three possible outcomes, all equally likely.

Purple Mist

That night you look into your mind's eye and watch as the Parabox is lit on fire. Upon ignition, a thick purple haze pours out of the mahogany and you hear sagewright name go into a coughing fit that sounds so terrible, you curse yourself for ever considering the 20% rule. Suddenly, the device implodes and takes all the smoke with it, leaving a hacking, but ecstatic, Sagewright. "I. Love. Science!!!"

sagewright name has gained the Purple Daze status.

Gateway of Doom

That night you look into your mind's eye and watch as the Parabox is lit. At first there's just grinding and screeching, but then a bolt of electricity whips out from a rod in the top. Then another. And another. You shield your eyes for a moment and when you look back, you see that a group of Pawns has appeared! The device is a gateway! sagewright name quickly smashes it apart and readies for the attack!

The Sagewight's Guild in region name is under attack!

This outcome proceeds to a tactical battle to defend the guild.

Explosive Results

That night you look into your mind's eye and watch as the Parabox is lit. At first there's just a tiny rumble from within as a puff of smoke belches out, but then... nothing. A minute goes by. Then two minutes. Finally, sagewright name steps forward to examine the equipment and the instant a hand is laid on it, the device explodes... leaving nothing but a crater.

The Guild has been lost along with everyone in it!

Destroy the Parabox[]


There are three possible outcomes, all equally likely.

Humble AND Healthy

With your mind's eye you watch as sagewright name reads your reply and... happily does as you command. In fact once the device is dismantled, it's quickly turned into a standing desk! Those Sagewrights sure can turn any situation to their benefit!

sagewright name has gained the Insightful personality.

Wordless Breakup

When you check on the Guild with your mind's eye later that night, you see that the Parabox is already being disassembled. Pieces are catalogued and appraised for further use, and overall the mood seems to be surprisingly upbeat, but then you spot sagewright name secretly refilling his flask with 'Ol Verhoeven instead of water. It might take some time for this "mood" to dissipate.

Our current research has been slowed by 50%.


After the falcon is sent back with your reply, you check in that night and see that there's been some trouble with disassembling the Parabox. Bent hammers, dull saws, and empty Alchemist flasks are littered everywhere, but the device looks completely untouched. Then you hear it, a throbbing hum that slowly fills the room, and you watch with relief as sagewright name hastily crates up the box and stores it in the deepest corner of the Guild.

The device has started to hum.

Despite the ominous description, nothing happens in this outcome.

Put Parabox in Chalice[]

Expedited Shipping

You send the falcon away with your request. The following morning you receive a reply confirming the Parabox's delivery to you and that due to the "extreme" delicacy of both boxing and transporting it, the device won't arrive for quite a while.

The Parabox is being shipped and will arrive in shipping time years.

The shipping time will be a random whole number of years between three and ten.


There are three possible outcomes. If no research is ongoing when the Parabox arrives at the Capital, the first outcome is guaranteed. Otherwise, all outcomes are equally likely.

Mystery Box

The Parabox has finally arrived! It's carefully hooked up to a crane and raised over the Chalice, but right as it's about to be lowered down, the rope snaps and it plunges into the water. Within seconds, an orange mist smelling vaguely of burnt peaches floods the throne room until someone manages to open a door. As the cloud dissipates, you notice that there's something different about the heroes in the Capital... They've changed sexes!

All heroes in your retinue have changed sexes and gained the New Perspective status.

Single-Use Filter

The Parabox has finally arrived! After lowering it into the Chalice and reading the vague instructions ("Light it?"), the device is lit and you spend the next three hours watching intensely as a thin trail of smoke fizzles out from the bowl. At some point you nod off for a while and when you awaken, you notice that the Parabox has fallen apart, but the Chalice water has never looked cleaner!

Our current research has been hastened by 50%.

Smokey the Parabox

The Parabox has finally arrived! Once it's lowered into the Chalice, and after reading the vague instructions ("Light it?"), the device is lit and immediately engulfed in flames. Nothing seems to happen as the throne room fills with black smoke and the same holds true six hours later when the last embers fizzle into the water. Shortly thereafter, you receive a message from sagewright name assuring you there will be no more side projects for the time being

Our current research has been slowed by 50%.