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Speed is a character stat in Massive Chalice. It indicates how many tiles during a tactical battle a Cadence or hero can move with each of its action points.

Speed can be modified by various traits/personalities and decreases with old age.

Application in battle[edit | edit source]

Each tile costs one movement point (1.5 on the diagonal), so maximum range of movement is therefore Speed times 2.

Moving diagonally on the battlefield costs 1.5 movement points and can only be done when all tiles in the direction of travel are unobstructed by obstacles or enemies. (For example, moving around an enemy from front to back cannot be done diagonally and costs 4 movement points -- left, forward, forward, right.)

Characters cannot move through other characters. Moving between two friendly characters can only be done on the diagonal.

  • A character with increased movement (Quick/Patriotic) works great as a "forward scout" or "spotter".
  • Decreased movement on a Caberjack/Blastcapper is easily mitigated by their Charge ability. Decreased movement on any Alchemist class is painful but can be managed somewhat with Free Throw (Alchemist/Boomstriker only).