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The Heirloom is a random event where a hero discovers her aunt has a piece of the Chalice, but does not want to part with it.

Outcome summary[]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Asking for it none 50% Time-Saver: Current research hastened by 25%.
50% Public Speaking: All heroes lose 10% of their XP.
Taking it away none 50% Heartbreaking: Hero becomes Disheartened.
50% Ulterior Motives: Current research slowed by 25%.
Waiting her out 15 to 20 years 0% or 50% Passed On: Current research hastened by 25%.
50% or 100% Rest with Piece: No change.
Recruiting her none 50% Living the Dream: Aunt joins the retinue.
50% Are You Serious?: No change.

If the player chooses to wait her out, the chances of each outcome are 50 percent if research is ongoing when the event triggers. Otherwise, the second outcome is guaranteed.


The Heirloom

A lost piece of the Chalice has been discovered! hero name recently learned that it's in the possession of a distant aunt in region name, but she refuses to part with it because it's the only thing she has left to remember her family by. However, she respects you a great deal so when hero first name asked her to come to the Capital today with the piece, she did so. What do you do?

  • Talk her into giving it to you.
  • Have hero first name take it away. Saving the nation is more important than the whims of one person!
  • Wait her out. We'll get the piece when she passes away.
  • She's had the piece for years? She must be attuned to the Chalice then. Recruit her!

This event can only trigger if there is ongoing research. It also requires that at least one hero does not have the Disheartened personality, as the hero is randomly selected from those in the retinue that do not already have it.

Asking for it[]


There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.


She holds up a hand before you say anything. "I'll save you time. I was never going to give this to you. It means far too much to me and frankly I only left my house as a courtesy to dear hero first name. But seeing all those people on the way out here, without homes or families or..." She holds out the piece. "I hope it helps."

Our current research has been hastened by 25%.

Public Speaking

You start off well enough with a frank discussion on the nation's situation, but as time goes on your words become less focused and the awkward pauses more frequent. A haze of incredulity fills the throne room and by the end everyone is speechles at the sheer bizarreness of your "talk." After the aunt shows herself out, you get the distinct impression that your words may have done more harm than good.

All heroes in your retinue have lost XP.

The amount of XP lost is equal to 10 percent of each hero's current XP.

Taking it away[]


There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.


You try to make this as painless as possible. When the aunt arrives in the throne room, hero first name simply walks up and whispers in her ear for several seconds as if they were just catching up. The piece is soon handed over without a fuss, but until she left afterward, the woman stared at hero first name with the most heartbroken eyes you had ever seen.

Our current research has been hastened by 25% but hero name has gained the Disheartened personality.

At the time of this writing, it doesn't appear the research bonus is actually applied in this outcome, despite what the in-game text reports.

Ulterior Motives

No time is wasted. As soon as she comes in, hero first name makes a move for the piece, but she sees the hero coming and... throws it into the Chalice herself? "For the Cadence!" she yells as she dashes out of the throne room. Before you or hero first name realize what's happening, an explosion goes off in the Chalice that causes its massive form to groan under the stress. Sabotage!

Our current research has been slowed by 25%.

Waiting her out[]

The Waiting Game

When she arrives you apologize profusely for wasting her time, but you realized a few days ago that it would be wrong to part someone from such a precious family heirloom. She finds it in her heart to forgive you and even leaves on a happier note after taking a tour of the Capital with hero first name. Now to wait.

This schedules a hidden event that will occur in a random whole number of years between 15 and 20, at which point the outcome of this choice is revealed.


There are two possible outcomes. If research is ongoing when the event triggers, both are equally likely. If no research is ongoing, the second outcome is guaranteed.

Passed On

A package arrived for you today... it's the piece of the Chalice! An enclosed envelope reveals that hero name's distant aunt passed away recently and because she had no other surviving relatives, she decided to leave the heirloom in your care. "Thank you for respecting my wishes."

Our current research has been hastened by 25%.

Rest with Piece

A letter has arrived for you... from hero name's Chalice piece-laden aunt! "I will be brief. If you are reading this then I am dead and you are no doubt wondering about the status of my heirloom." The rest of the page is blank so you turn it over and find that there's something else written: "Good luck finding it."

Recruiting her[]


There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.

Living the Dream

Her eyes widen. "I've been waiting for this day ever since I first heard about the war from hero first name. I always knew there was something different about our family. Of course I will join you!"

aunt first name has joined your retinue.

The aunt will be 15 to 30 years older than the niece, which makes the age of the randomly selected hero a very important factor in the usefulness of this outcome as her remaining lifespan may be very short. She will be the same class as the hero. Despite being related, her personalities and traits are determined randomly. Her level will be randomly determined, though her age determines the highest level this will be.

The actual aunt relationship is only set up if the random hero's regent parent is still alive and still a regent.

Are You Serious?

She looks at you as if you're crazy. "That's what you brought me here for? I'm a farmer! I don't know anything about fighting or attack patterns or the most efficient ways to dismember someone, nor do I care to. You'll have to find someone else."