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The Mark is a random event where a regent or partner discovers a troubling mark on her baby.

Outcome summary[]

Choice Time Chance Outcome
Committing the mother none 50% Doooooooooooooooooooomed: Mother is lost and baby gains Mark of Baard.
50% Well, She Did Warn Us: Mother and baby are lost.
Sending the baby away none 50% As If a Great (Demon) Weight Has Been Lifted: Mother becomes Clearheaded and baby changes keeps.
50% Bond Broken: Mother becomes Depressed and baby changes keeps.
Pouring Chalice water none 25% You're Sure This Time?: Baby gains Mark of Mu'yeer.
25% Must Have Been One of Those Dissolvable Marks: No change.
25% Allergies: Baby is lost.
25% The Sniffles: Baby becomes Sickly.


The Mark

mother name and her recently born baby baby first name have arrived at the Capital in secret and in tears. She tells you that there is a very particular birthmark on her baby's back, the Mark of Baard, and it is a VERY evil omen. Barely intelligible between the sobbings, she exclaims that the moon is red tonight and that she doesn't know what to do. "We will not be safe if my child lives!" The baby, for its part, seems healthy to you, if a bit smelly.

  • The mother is obviously crazy (and potentially dangerous). Commit her and keep the baby.
  • Send the baby to be raised with regent name, but don't tell the mother.
  • Pour Chalice water on the baby?

This event can only trigger when there is a female regent or partner with a child aged two years or less in the same keep, and she must be the biological mother. Should there be more than one when this event triggers, the mother is randomly selected from the available candidates.

Additionally, there needs to be more than one regent in order to allow the baby to be sent away in the second choice. The regent in question is randomly selected.

Committing the mother[]


There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely.


You signal for mother first name to be taken away. Surprisingly, she's less upset about her committal and more upset over her baby living. "You don't understand! That child will be the end of us all! The Cadence cowers before the Mark of Baard! This nation is doomed!"

mother name has been lost and baby name has gained the Mark of Baard status.

Well, She Did Warn Us

mother first name is hauled out of the room cursing you and your horrible mistake. That night the moon glows red and you're awoken by a great crashing from another part of the Capital. The noise is terrible, but as soon as you shake off your drowsiness, it stops. The next morning you're told that a handful of rooms in the eastern wing have been destroyed, some disturbing tracks have been found outside the Capital walls, and /VAR_2/'s baby has gone missing.

mother name and baby name have been lost.

Sending the baby away[]


There are two possible outcomes, both equally likely. In both cases, the baby changes region, losing any buff from the previous and gaining any buff from the new one. The baby's class remains unchanged,

As If a Great (Demon) Weight Has Been Lifted

You take baby baby first name away from mother first name and promise that the matter will be dealt with. The hero's relief is so profound that her body straightens itself as if she had just shrugged off an extra hundred pounds. "Wow. You have no idea how much better I feel. Thank you, Ruler! Thank you so much!"

mother name has gained the Clearheaded status, but baby first name has been sent to be raised with regent name.

Bond Broken

You take baby baby first name away from mother first name and promise that you'll handle this, but the moment the mother lets go, baby first name begins to bawl. It's an eerie, shrill kind of shrieking that grows louder and louder until suddenly, mother first name collapses to the ground. Doctors are quickly called in to find out what's wrong, but she shakes them off. "I'm fine! Just a little... wobbly right now."

mother name has gained the Depressed personality, and baby first name has been sent to be raised with regent name.

Pouring Chalice water[]


There are four possible outcomes, all equally likely.

You're Sure This Time?

mother first name splashes some Chalice water on the baby's back and, miraculously, the birthmark starts to glow. baby first name's entire body shimmers for a moment before it dissipates after a cute burp. With tears in her eyes, mother first name runs up and embraces you. "I was wrong. It wasn't the Mark of Baard, it was the Sign of Mu'yeer! We've been blessed!"

baby name has gained the Mark of Mu'yeer status!

Must Have Been One of Those Dissolvable Marks

mother first name scoops up some Chalice water with her hand and pours it onto the birthmark. There's a slight hiss and baby first name lets out a giggle, but after a few seconds the mark disappears completely! Ecstatic, mother first name smothers her baby in kisses and thanks you for your help.


mother first name gently lowers her baby into the Chalice water and at the moment liquid touches skin a horrible hissing sound escapes from the tiny body! As it slowly melts into corruption, baby first name locks eyes with you and lets out a blood-curdling wail. Within seconds the baby disappears into a rancid puddle, leaving a surprised yet relieved mother first name.

baby first name has been lost.

The Sniffles

mother first name bathes her baby in the Chalice stream for a few minutes, but nothing happens. She persists even when baby first name starts to cry, but finally gives up when a neverending stream of sneezes and coughs breaks out from the little tyke. "I've made a terrible mistake\" mother first name mutters as she quickly dries off her baby and hurries out of the throne room.

baby name has gained the Sickly trait.