Massive Chalice Wiki
Normal Hard Brutal
Hit Points 40
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Intelligence 5
Accuracy 80%
Evasion 0%
Armor 5
Speed 4
Sight 10
Intuition 0

Twitcher is a type of Cadence in Massive Chalice.


  • A melee attack that inflicts moderate damage and knocks the target back.
  • Swap places with a hero via teleportation as a movement action. They still can move and attack after doing this so long as the swap was their first action point. NOTE: The Twitcher does not have to have direct line of sight with a hero to swap places with them; a nearby Cadence with vision of your hero can act as a "Spotter".


The potent knockback from a Twitcher's melee attack is a significant threat if it knocks a hero into something, as they then receive even more damage and may be stunned for the round. When possible, try to keep heroes in open areas well away from any obstacles when engaging Twitchers. The swapping teleportation is less of a threat, though separating heroes from the vanguard can leave them in dangerous situations. The only defense is to try to keep heroes well back, letting the Twitcher come into combat range, but this is often not an option.

Often, the best defense against a Twitcher is a strong offense, as it is usually impossible to stay far enough away from obstacles that a Twitcher can't knock a hero into them. The best available tactic may simply be to prioritize killing the Twitcher before anything else, denying it any chance to attack.

  • Twitchers typically take their actions last after all other Cadence, so a swapped hero generally has one turn to recover. Caberjacks, Boomstrikers and heroes with Quick and/or Patriotic are typically able to return immediately and safely to battle -- even counterattacking the Twitcher.