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Weapons are offensive equipment in Massive Chalice. They are class-specific and are equipped in the first slot.

Weapons by class[]

Relics are special weapons that, when acquired, are passed down through bloodlines and gain XP with use. Those unique weapons are not covered here; this covers only the standard weapons available in the game.


These weapons can be equipped by Alchemists, Brewtalists, and Boomstrikers:

Name Description
Thrower The Thrower can be used to toss exploding flasks or as a melee weapon.
Boom Slinger A powerful but erratic Thrower made from Rupture parts.
Pillar Pitcher This Thrower's bombs generate pillars of Cadence junk on the battlefield.


These weapons can be equipped by Caberjacks, Blastcappers, and Shadowjacks:

Name Description
Caber Not just huge logs, cabers are competent melee weapons. They're also huge logs.
Ramcap Caber The tip of this Caber is crafted from Rupture head gems, enabling every hit to knock enemies back!
Timefist Caber Built from Twitcher shards this weapon enables the Timefist ability that can knock targets into the future.


These weapons can be equipped by Hunters, Trickshots, and Enforcers:

Name Description
Crossbow Hunter crossbows are deadly from a distance.
Blunderbow Close range. High damage. This Crossbow made from Seed parts packs a punch!
Bone Barb Bow The piercing attack from this crossbow can be used to hit many enemies at once. Watch out for friendly fire!
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